Val & Mike’s Auto recommends New View Auto Glass


Val Schepens – Val & Mike’s Auto Repair Huntington Beach

As an auto repair business local to Huntington Beach we are constantly on the look out for related local businesses to refer our clients to. We are extremely picky and choose only the very best companies to work with. New View Auto Glass and Tim Kludt are one such company.

Tim and his staff of mobile windshield experts are focused on quality parts and work to insure the safety of your vehicle. Did you know that your windshield plays a crucial structural role in your car? Would you put a cheap replacement part in a structural role? Tim and his team at New View only recommend the highest quality OEM replacement glass or suggest replacement windshields from only approved glass manufacturers.

Over the years that we’ve been referring glass repair and windshield work to New View Auto Glass we’ve also had the privilege of earning the job of maintaining their fleet of work vehicles. We’ve done heater core replacements, tune ups and oil changes as part of the maintenance program we have in place for them always with same day turnaround, something that’s crucial for work vehicles.

If you’re a Mom your car IS your “work vehicle”! It needs to be just as reliable and back on the road quickly as any fleet vehicle. You can trust the team of Mike’s Auto in Huntington Beach and New View Auto Glass to keep you safely on the road!

Val Schepens is owner of Val & Mike’s Auto Repair in Huntington Beach, CA. Call them at 714-375-3145 or visit their site at