Windshield Repair

New View Auto Glass can repair chips and cracks in your windshield up to 14” long. No matter what any TV commercial says this can NOT be done as a mobile service because the repair materials used need to be cured using UV light and, hello?, sunlight is UV light! These unfortunate ads give the wrong impression: if the bonding material begins to cure in the sun before your windshield can be properly clamped the result is an incomplete bond that will be ugly, as in less than clear, forever. You only get one shot to repair your windshield correctly and we stand behind our work and be proud of it’s strength AND its appearance.

The area of the windshield to be repaired has to be clean and dry as well: repairs cannot be done if the car’s windshield has been recently washed or exposed to rain. Again this interferes with the solid, clear bonding of the UV-cured material we use to repair your windshield.

You can expect a 75% – 95% visual improvement to your windshield once it has been repaired by our experts. Many chips or cracks in your windshield seem to disappear completely.

We use only the very highest Ultra Bond resin to repair windshields. A windshield repair expert must be Board Certified by Ultra Bond in order to become what’s known as a Licensed Client and these people are given service zones. There are thousands of different resins but only one Ultra Bond. Make sure you’re working with a windshield repair shop that uses only the very best, Ultra Bond. It bonds stronger and lasts longer than all other windshield repair resins.

We offer a reduced rate for repair a second chip or crack found in the same windshield repair. It does happen: often after cleaning the windshield in preparation for the repair secondary, smaller chips are revealed to the owner for the first time. The second chip or crack in the same windshield is repaired for less than half the price!

Remember that only laminate glass windshields can be repaired. Thankfully this constitutes the vast majority of cars. Mercedes Benz has a few models with laminate glass on their rear windscreens but chips or cracks in the rear windscreen are very rare indeed.

If you need windshield repair call New View Auto Glass at 714-890-1347 for immediate assistance.